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The Forum Address Book

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The Forum Address Book Empty Re: The Forum Address Book

Post by LazerBlade December 11th 2009, 1:34 am

Title: The Forum Address Book
Choice of Category: I don't know where it should go. Could whoever moves it, deside where it should go?
Language: English
Forum's Purpose: Members can put there forum lnik on this forum. For members and guests to check out all the form links that have been summited.
Link: Here
Details: I made a new forum (that is still under construction)! It will allow all registered members to enter there forum discripiton and link in the topic that best fits your forum's theme. So you will enter that and the admin will try posting the forum link to the forum address book on any site we can. That means I will be getting alot of guests coming to my forum. That also means you could be getting guests coming to your forum to. You never now, you might get a member or alot of members.
P.S. Register, and if the Category that you are looking for is not there, then wait to post your forum link

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The Forum Address Book Empty how can i promote my forum on this site?

Post by robert campbell January 4th 2010, 1:10 pm

how do i promote my forum for everyone to see?

i cannot get in, because of special access to this part of the help forum!

how can i get this special access?

who from?

robert campbell
robert campbell
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