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New Group with Hidden Status

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New Group with Hidden Status Empty New Group with Hidden Status

Post by watcher05 January 8th 2010, 7:12 am


if i have 3 Forums called


and i make a Group called "Test"
i make this group as "HIDDEN Group" and now add 10 Members an give them the right they can "only Read" in the Forum Winter/Summer/Holiday and not Post,

Can i make the 10 Members automatic HIDDEN for all the other Users
because the dont sould be seen if they browsing the forums,
but i dont want to edit all single profils to make the status "HIDDEN" because members in the Group can make it Back to no hidden by edit the Profil.

I want to make the Members in the Group automatic Hidden forever.

Any Ideas?

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New Group with Hidden Status Empty Re: New Group with Hidden Status

Post by Sanket January 8th 2010, 8:36 am

Well, but if they post in the other sections they would be know.
Clear my doubts if i am mistaken.

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