Can decide wich ranks can bann users and wich not

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Can decide wich ranks can bann users and wich not

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Can decide wich ranks can bann users and wich not

Post by invisible_fa on January 9th 2010, 10:50 pm

First of all, I would like to say hello to everybody in this forum. I`m just registered in this english Forumotion support forum, but I`m not new using Forumotion. I`m spanish and i would like you forgive me If I make some syntax errors, because I have a quite good english, but maybe sometimes I will make mistakes... blackeye

Well, anyways, I`m going to explain my suggestion. Now, in the powers configuration section of our Admin Panel, we can decide if we allow our Moderators to bann users from the comunity or not, but, for example, if we allow Moderators to bann people, all the Staff persons will can bann people, and I think it would be nice to can decide wich ranks have the privileges of banning and wich not...

Taking for example a look at ranks of this forums, for example, it would be nice that people wich are in the "Graphic Designers Team" can´t bann people, but for example the rest of the ranks could. I mean, all that ranks belongs to staff, obviously, but it would be a good way to define privilege inside the own staff, I mean, you could bann people or not, depending in what rank you were, although all the ranks belong to Staff...

Well, I hope you undestand my suggestions, If i did some mistakes, forgive me, and If you need me to explain more, just say it Laughing

It would be nice that, in the permission board, like we can decide wich ranks can make post-it, wich can create posts etc, we could decide too wich ranks can bann, by a new checkbox in the permission adjusts that appears when we create a new rank.

See ya guys, thanks for reading ^^

P.D. sorry for the Offtopic, but I suggested it on the spanish support Forumotion forum and It had a high success, I hope here too ^^

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Re: Can decide wich ranks can bann users and wich not

Post by Jophy on April 17th 2013, 6:23 am

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