Correction of erroneous german board software language

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Should the German board software language be enhanced?

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Correction of erroneous german board software language

Post by Featherlord on August 8th 2007, 7:09 pm

All right, I just opened a second forum in German, and you know what? I could fill two pages' worth with all the grammar errors, typos and spelling mistakes. I suggest that you set a native to enhance that, especially the admin panel is an imposition, but also the rest is partially desastrous.
A few examples:

The statistics wrote: Insgesamt ist 1 Benutzer online: 1 Registrierter, kein Unsichtbarer undkein Gast
Which is similar to writing: (...) andno guest.

Forum Permissions Control Legend wrote: Alles Kutscher Alles bekutscher Auslese herumdrehen
Which would mean as much as: All Coachman / All becoachman / Turn selection around (BUT this German word for selection means selection in context with wine, tea, food....)

Other: From the text on the index of the user admin: "Als Administrator Ihres Forums sind Sie der Meister allein, Sie sind für seine Mäßigung und seiner Kontrolle verantwortlich. Sie haben natürlich die Rechte der Verwaltung und der Mitteilungsmäßigung. Einmal Ihr eingeführtes Forum können Sie Moderatoren einsetzen, die beauftragt werden, auf die Beachtung der Regeln zu achten (Beachtung der Orthographie, der Höflichkeitsregeln, des Themas Ihres Forums…)"
The bold parts are erroneous. The first one is wrong because "Meister" is much more than simply "boss", and "allein" is the wrong synonym and placed wrongly in the sentence. The second one is a word that DOES mean "moderation", BUT in the same meaning as mitigation. Moderation on fores is simply Moderation. The next one is the wrong gender. The following one means "Messagemitigation", and the last one "once your introduced forum", which is gibberish in that context, the whole sentence would be "Once your introduced forum, you can appoint moderators, who are authorised to look after respection of the rules".

Oh, another one.
Chatbox text below the stats wrote:Jetzt gibt es 0 Benutzer in dem Chat :

[ In dem Chat treten ]
Which is, in the first sentence, awkwardly put, and the second one, "In dem Chat treten", has the wrong article, it would be "In den Chat treten" and then it would still be awkwardly formulated.

Oh, yet another!
In a forum it wrote:Benutzer, die momentan dieses Forum durchqueren : Felis
This means: "Users currently traversing this forum".
So, please, please do something about this, it just makes it a lot harder to control the forum and lets the forum look cheap.
If you don't have the time for this, please at least allow administartors to edit all this stuff for their OWN fores. I will look for another provider otherwise. I would already have done so, if I hadn't already spent so much time on this one.

You can take a look if you know German well:

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Re: Correction of erroneous german board software language

Post by Jophy on October 26th 2012, 4:32 pm

There is a German support forum for this Wink

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