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Embed problem Empty Embed problem

Post by cnb15 2nd February 2010, 22:39

I know how to embed games in my forum and everything but the problem is that the source of the embedded game is blocked in my school. I edited the HTML by using an unblocker website that makes it unblocked but it takes forever to load because of that... So I just took it off. The source of my embedded game is which the website is blocked at my school. Is there any way I can make it so the game won't be blocked? Whether it's by changing the script or anything else? My website is it's a new website like 2 days old. Right now I'm just focusing to getting my games to work. Unless your computer doesn't block I don't think there's a way for you to see what I'm talking about... PLZ HELP
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Embed problem Empty Re: Embed problem

Post by Rok 3rd February 2010, 01:04

Flash games work fine for me on my computer. It's just that when I'm at school in the computer lab, the administration has some websites blocked... and I can't even browse for proxy websites. But if you are able to browse and use proxies in your school's computers, then, you should have the ability to use one of the proxies to play some flash games on your forum.

Anyway, I don't see this much as a 'problem', but more as a general issue that you are having with your school's banishment of flash gaming.

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Embed problem Empty Re: Embed problem

Post by kirk 3rd February 2010, 12:25

lol no playing games in school do start on your homework or something then you can play when you get home because you wont have any homework.... Razz

like roc said that's just a school issue with things they have blocked.
you can try to Ask the principle or the lab person to unblock it for you affraid

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