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Post by wonderdogs February 25th 2010, 10:56 pm


I am new to all this,

I dont understand how and if you can make it that if someone tries to register on the forum I as admin have to allow them for them to be able to see anything???

does that make sense???

also in the admin panel its saying that there are guests can they see what is happen in the forum without registering???

I dont want anyone to be able to register on the forum that i dont know and need to know how i can stop this??

Hope you can help me


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scecurity Empty Re: scecurity

Post by kirk February 26th 2010, 12:13 am

well you would have to have it set for you to activate any new members.
So if someone registers they will not be activated unless you activate them.

or you can close registrations all together and anyone you know you can register them your self,activate them and give the pass and user to log in. then once they log in they can change the pass to what ever they want.

As far as guest. you will have to go through your forums permissions and set them as you wish. so if you do not have guest checked off for any permissions then they wont see or be able to do anything.. it's how you wish to set the permissions.

so for your first question go to.

Admin panel>user/groups>user options

if you want to activate members your self click on Admin for New accounts activation :

Now if you do not want to allow anyone to register and you will register people you know. then select No for Allow new members :

be sure to hit save for what ever you choose.

then for your forums permissions.

go to
Admin panel>general>forums>forum permissions.

you will have to go through the forums one by one and set the permissions as you wish.. Also be sure to hit save after changing them each time one by one.

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