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Amarynth Empty Amarynth

Post by silverwit March 2nd 2010, 3:21 am

Title: Amarynth
Choice of Category: Games and RPG
Language: English
Forum's Purpose: This forum was created in order to give a roleplayers a literate and kind RPG community taking place in distinct fantasy setting. There is a thought out plot and a system to show who is more associated with the plot then others. All around it is meant to be a fun and pleasant experience with fellow in-depth RPG fans.

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Amarynth Empty Re: Amarynth

Post by silverwit March 9th 2010, 6:32 am


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There are three new countries to be explored.

An intro to the plot has been added on the portal:
Long ago an angel of the world had been slaughtered in order to fulfill the powers of a demon by the name of Sarvil. The demon became so powerful that he could easily crush a country in a single night. He had swiftly taken over the world in a matter of a week. But he had been hasty when killing the angel and had not realized the soul of the angel had shattered in to seven separate pieces. The pieces then scattered amongst the world, hiding away in hosts, whether they be objects or living beings, for protection. In return the crystals would grant a power that could not usually be attainable for the being if they fell victim to being a host, whether it had been through bloodline or if they had managed to live long enough to witness the actual event.

As the demon Sarvil continued his reign the Angel Memyra wept for her lost brother. She had been close to the fated angel and so his death brought emotions that she was never meant to feel. She felt grief, hatred, remorse, and worst of all regret. They tore at her and twisted her stained her mind with mortal thoughts. She left the heavens in such a fury that it was believed that the cosmos served as her army. She fought the Sarvil and struck him down with ease. Despite that her actions aided the world she was deemed the “Fallen of Chaos” with the theory that tragedy and chaotic events were sure to follow in her footsteps. She was feared and avoided, only her fellow Fallen would keep her company. But she soon learned to enjoy her solitude and took up residence in the only country that most was too terrified to step foot in to. The Shadow Lands.

A majority of the lonely country’s residents had came to be known as Shadows and she nurtured and cared for them kindly. In return they became loyal to the Fallen and followed her every whim without trouble. They cared for her as she cared for them.

Centuries passed and Memyra began to pray for forgiveness to the god of the world. She no longer wished to be immortal and offered to suffer through a mortal life. As the god heard her prayers he did not grant her wish but instead gave her back her wings and insisted that if she could fly to heaven then she could be an angel yet again. Overhearing the proposition, the Fallen Kakomi became enraged. He tore the wings from her back so she would stay as she was.

However, she refused to fight Kakomi over the matter. No one is certain as to why that was so but it was how fate unfurled none the less. As the years rolled on Memyra learnt of the crystals and the theories that if they were assembled together then the lost angel could be brought back to life. A new idea had sparked in her and so she has set out on finding them all no matter the costs.
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