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HTML Homepage

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Tutorial HTML Homepage

Post by Caihlem August 19th 2007, 10:30 pm

HTML Homepage

How to have an HTML Homepage

Shocked I thought it wasn't possible to have a front page other than the index or portal

Well, who said we weren't going to use either? Cool


First of all, activate the Portal
Admin Panel => Modules => Portal & Calendar => Configuration
=> Activate the Portal

Afterwards you'll have to remove all the portal's blocks

Shocked But, what's the use of that?

I'm not fnished yet have I? Razz

Now create 2 Custom Portal Blocks which you'll name Header and Footer
Admin Panel => Modules => Portal & Calendar => Portal Structure
= Create Custom Block

Now place them in at the Header and Footer position respectively (or vice versa if you insist Lol)

Ok, you're done Smile

No I' not, it's just an empty portal I have

Ah yes Smile
Edit these blocks and put the HTML you want in it Smile
(Be sure to activate the switch editor mode button)

No when you type in your forum's address you'll land on the portal, which is you're HTML Homepage Smile


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