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List of Tricks and Tips

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List of Tricks and Tips Empty List of Tricks and Tips

Post by Caihlem August 19th 2007, 10:33 pm

Here's a list of all the topic of the Tricks & Tips section :
To find your topic faster push ctrl F to bring up the search box at the top post.

To make the cells translucent
Make your forum rows almost see through

Flash games on your board
Add flash based games to your forum

Create a CSS file
PHPBB2 only - CSS classes

Dynamic countdown
A ticker that counts down time

Scrolling tutorial
Learn about marquee movement

Logo in Flash
Animated flash banner tutorial here

The alternative for the chatbox

Script to disable the right-click
Disallow right clicking on your forum

Index page on your portal
An HTML page via your portal

Clocks on your forums
Flash based clocks for your forums

Log in form on your portal
(now default) the old log in settings use code for HTML pages now

Host your pictures
Where to host and how

How to \\"fix\\" the page background of your forum
Stop the background from moving as you scroll

Skins, avatars, ranks, smileys, folder image for your board
Tutorial doesn't exist

How to take a screenshot
Capture your screen and add more detail to your explaination

Tips to make your board more attractive
The name says it all

PNG Transparency under IE
Ie fix for PNG transparency

Creating a Promote Link
Affiliates, more professional approach

[Tutorial] How to install a cursor
Change the look of your cursor

HTML Homepage
See an HTML before going to your forum

Flash Arcade for ForuMotion Forums
Flash arcade via HTML pages

Generating Free Forms for your Forum
Forms for your forum

How to add image verification to your forum
Additional forum protection against bots

Points system for your members
This has been automated

CSS Tutorial for your forums
A few special CSS tricks

Multiple forums in one
Display more than 1 forum link on a category

Flags for your Forum
Show your nationality with these flags (already automated)

Three Navigation Bars on your Forum
Add more navigation bars to your forum

Guest Only Messages on your Homepage
A message only for visitors

Posting Rules Table
Additional rules when posting - PHPBB2 only

How to create a contact form
Add a form to your portal or HTML page

Restricted forums
Make your forum visible to a particular group

Control Panel for Users
A side bar navigation tool for members

Points Shop Ideas
Some ideas for using points

Drop-Down List
Picking a option in a drop-down list

Profile Community Comments & Private Profile Comments
Having comments on your forum

List of variables
List of PHP variables you can use

IPB (Invision) CSS Fix Guide

Fixing some CSS in IPB (Invision)

Using CSS to full potential
Having more than one navigarion bar on your forum

Background Music
Background Music on your forum

Using CSS to full potential
Using your CSS to the full potentail

How to change the reputation bar
Change that boring green rep bar

Pets on your forum
Creatures that you can control on your forum

More reputation/praise/beer/high-5 functions
Add additional reputation features

Tips to get more visits on your forum
More visits for your forum

Resynchronising your forum
Using the Resync option

Forum versions
The versions for your forum

Activating Donations
Using donations on your forum

Picture Appears on forum rollover
A picture appears when a user hovers the mouse over a forum

Adding a "Window" for your widget
"Window" for your forum

Hide the Calendar in your nav bar
Hiding the Calendar link from your nav bar

More BBcode colors
Add more colors to your forum -template editing only

Changing the default rules to your own
Changes the default rules

Creating a div tag layout
Div tag for a background

Creating a link to your chatbox rules
Link to your Chatbox rules

Log in command under each forum
A log in box under each forum

Translator on your forum
A translator widget for your forum

Saving members work
Asking members if they have saved there work

Turning your forum into a website
A few HTML tricks for your forum

Putting the user name and the rank under the avatar
Move the username and rank below the avatar

Change the selection color
A way to change the selection color on your forum

Bots - Who and what they are
General info about Bots

How to make a floating menu
Creating a floating menu

CSS codes for customizing phpBB3 forums
A few CSS codes for phpBB 3 forums

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