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Fantajii World

Post by AtoliSky on August 20th 2007, 2:58 am

1/ My forum fits into the category, " RPGing"

2/ My forum's name is Fantajii World

3/ is the url

4/ This forum is in English

5/ Fantajii World is a place to have can chat, and if there's no one there to chat with you can talk in the OOC board or one of the General Boards. You can also play flash games, or games with other members, and I'm always putting new things so that you can't get bored. ^^
Fantajii World is a Role playing website. Only join if you love RPGing with a passion : ) It's a place where you can roleplay as a animal, mystical creature, warrior, spirit, and anything that fits under the category of fantasy, and isn't too futuristic. ( like spaceships) As long as you keep it PG13, you can roleplay as a hero, villain, or whatever you choose. So enjoy =)
Fantajii World Plot so far... Fantajii World is a world that lies in the center of many worlds! Everyone wants to set out for their own they're evil or bad.
But no one really knows how Fantajii started...and any history really. There are so many secrets out there...including evil that no one knows of. Or is there really evil?
So set out on your own quests...have fun! But remember, their are secrets to learn, and friendships that will be betrayed. There are some who set out to find a hidden place...will you be one of those?
Make your own mini plot if you please! There's more to Fantajii then this plot-in Fantajii you make acquaintances and friends, and you have fun in what you like doing-weather it's battling, collecting items, searching for mysteries, or just meeting people!
Fantajii is a place I made to have fun...and roleplay the way you want to roleplay!
( This is my first RPGing site, so it's not exactly the best looking site in the world, but I'm working on it XD)
Top Admin: Atolisky (me) and Zephyr ( she owns two sites, so she knows what she's doing)
We don't have any moderators yet, but the forum just started Razz And I think I'm getting two this week.

Here is the top of the forum

This is the portal

...and it even has HTML pages! ( The links do work, so there's not just this page. There is already fan fic and fan art that's really nice)

It can use all the help it can get Very Happy


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Re: Fantajii World

Post by mitwa on October 5th 2007, 12:42 pm

can u please tell me how do u made a ur homepage like that?


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Re: Fantajii World

Post by Caihlem on October 6th 2007, 10:14 am

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Re: Fantajii World

Post by forhad725 on March 2nd 2008, 9:51 am

atolosky if you need moderator you call can me  i have a forum and we are 300+ member its for entertainment,software  forum Link Removed join it friendz thanks for free forum

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Re: Fantajii World

Post by SLGray on June 7th 2018, 9:15 pm

Topic sent to the garbage.

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