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Battle Frontier Forums Empty Battle Frontier Forums

Post by Cobthecobbler March 14th 2010, 4:43 pm

Battle Frontier Forums

Choice of Category: Games
Language: English
Forum's Purpose: This forum was created in hopes of starting a new popular Pokemon WiFi community.

Administrators: Cobthecobbler, Ethan06, FanOfPokemon, UmbreonDrive101
Global Moderators: None yet
Support Moderators: thegreattjtoot, xEmmILYx3Morex, TheGoldenFerret, Steve, Staraptor90, Pompuff, Ferretfox41, BlaznFTW
Graphic Designers: FanOfPokemon
Reviewers: None Yet
Officials: None Yet

Forum Related

-Site Updates here.

Forum Rules
-Please adhere to all rules in this forum

-Got any suggestions for the forum? Tell us here!

Bugs and Glitches
-If you see any glitches or bugs, or have any problems with the Forum, post here and tell us so we can see what we can do.

Help Wanted! Apply here!
-This forum is in need of Moderators, so Apply here while you still can!

General Forum

Introduce yourself!
-New here, eh? Why not tell everybody a little bit about yourself!

General Discussion
-Discuss anything in general, just don't stray off topic.

Extended Discussion
-Have Educated discussions here.

Lifestyle Discussion
-Need help in life? Having trouble dealing with the everyday stresses of life? Come here and maybe someone will be able to talk you through it.

-Start a roleplay here and live your fantasy life!

Motormouth Castle
-Talk about ANYTHING here! Post for no reason at all, this forum is for anyone who loves to run their.. well, fingers.

Groups and Clans
-Create a group of people that share a common interest


Pokemon R/B/Y
-Talk about the Classic Pokemon games, Red, Blue and Yellow.

Pokemon G/S/C
-Talk about Kanto's 3-Year sequel, the classic Johto region games, Gold, Silver and Crystal.

Pokemon R/S/E
-Talk about Pokemon's 3rd Generation, Hoenn, from Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

Pokemon FR/LG
-Pokemon's first Kanto Remakes, FireRed and LeafGreen!

Pokemon D/P/Pt.
-The Fourth Generation! Trade and battle people over WiFi, make some friends and talk about the Nintendo DS games, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum!

Pokemon HG/SS
-The Newest Pokemon games that have just been released! Heart Gold, and Soul Silver!

Artist's Cafe

-Show off your latest pieces of art here.

Writers corner
-Got a Poem the world needs to see? How about an award-winning novel in the making? Post it here and see what others think of it!

Mini Shops
-Got a talent worth soliciting? Make a shop.

-Official contests, win several prizes here!

Unnoffical Contests
-Wanna make your own contest? Make a thread here.

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Battle Frontier Forums Empty Re: Battle Frontier Forums

Post by Cobthecobbler April 23rd 2010, 4:30 am

Joni Battle Frontier today and help in our new Project! Very Happy

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