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Seinfeld Forums Empty Re: Seinfeld Forums

Post by skillboy March 14th 2010, 10:49 pm

Forum category: Leisure
Forum name: Seinfeld forums (need review writers)
Forum site:
Forum language: English
Forum content: These forums are all about Seinfeld. They will feature a wide variety of reviews from all the episodes. We are going to be a fun community and you can learn a lot about seinfeld.

Usergroups: Review writers (currently seeking) and assistants (currently seeking)

I just started this forum so I have nobody yet, but the traffic should increase significantly within the next week.

Arrow Introductions and Farewells
Arrow Introductions
Arrow Farewells
Arrow Seinfeld characters
Arrow Kramer
Arrow Elaine
Arrow Jerry
Arrow George
Arrow Seinfeld episodes
Arrow Episode discussion
Arrow Seinfeld Videos
Arrow Season 1
Arrow Season 2
Arrow Season 3
Arrow Season 4
Arrow Season 5
Arrow Season 6
Arrow Season 7
Arrow Season 8
Arrow Season 9
Arrow Seinfeld pictures
Arrow Seinfeld pictures
Arrow Off topic discussions
Arrow General
Arrow Tech
Arrow Other T.V./Movies
Arrow Other Videos/Clips
Arrow Applications
Arrow Applications
Arrow Accepted/Denied applications

We will become a great community of Seinfeld. Join now!

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Seinfeld Forums Empty Re: Seinfeld Forums

Post by Kidballer21 November 5th 2010, 1:52 am

LOL I made a Seinfeld forum only to close it a few day later. Good forum, hope you have better luck at getting more members.

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