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Dragon Kin

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Dragon Kin Empty Dragon Kin

Post by Guest Wed 22 Aug - 8:13

1. My fourm fits into RPG

2. The Name is Dragon Kin

3. The URL of my fourm is

4.The language is english

5. Dragon Kin is a place where the various members of the ever espanding MMORPG/RPG game Runescape can get together and have fun in a clan. In this clan you will be able to trade in-game items, battle to the death with other clans, and most importantly... MEET NEW FRIENDS!
If you play runescape, or even only have heard of it you are welcome to join this gaming expirence. All of the catagories of character are allowed to join, from level 3 pures to level 126 masters.
The History of Dragon Kin: The Dragon Kin Clan has evolved from the dragons of old and still have some mystic powers hidden beneath their skin. They will all have the choice, Become a Mage, an Archer, a Mele Master, or the most powerful, the lagendary warior that is anyones dream, becoming a mage, archer, and Mele Master! They will all strive to call themselves True Dragon Kin Wariors.
Please Make a character on runescape before you join this clan and make yourself familiar with the rules of the game to make your command on this site grow to the top much quicker. When you register on the site, please use your runescape username but never your password.

This is the Portal:

Dragon Kin Hhhhh

This is the top of my home page:

Dragon Kin Fhggg

This is the bottem of my homepage:

Dragon Kin Hjggjgjgjgjjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjjg

Special thanks to Kol Vol, ConsoleElosnoc, and Mico1018 for helping me get this site running.

I am now Recruiting Mods and tecs for the site!

Click HERE to go to Runescape

Click HERE to see the rules for the form

It still needs your help to get more people so we can dominate the Runescape Community

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Dragon Kin Empty Re: Dragon Kin

Post by Guest Thu 23 Aug - 9:14

1. I am upgrading the portal to give more info on the sites progress.

2. I have also making a branch of the form that specializes in war and fighting.

3. Im still looking for new Mods and tecs for the site. If you are interested, contact me by pm and not by replying on the topic (site rules)

4. Im adding a new tutorial page so if you are new and looking for a way to make money or start your account. Im also adding links to youtube vids that explain how to do certain quests and howe to make money fast!

5. A friendly reminder: there is no buying runescape money for real world money, if you do this you will be banned from the came and clan, the same goes for bots or auto programs (ex: auto talker, auto fighter)

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Dragon Kin Empty Re: Dragon Kin

Post by Guest Sat 15 Mar - 10:27

hello, I have not been updating this forum because I have been taking a break from runescape. Confused

I will start to update but not too much because I have been helping some of my buddies with their clans. I will keep you all updated on the forum.


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Dragon Kin Empty Re: Dragon Kin

Post by lamer17 Sun 6 Apr - 13:50

dragonfir your constantly inactive on your forum no one is ever on

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Dragon Kin Empty Re: Dragon Kin

Post by Caihlem Sun 6 Apr - 15:37

Following the request of the author, I am refusing the proposal and am garbaging it Wink

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