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Memory allotment

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Solved Memory allotment

Post by Primeval Atom April 15th 2010, 10:23 am

Gallery Memory

As far as I know we get 20 MB free but my forum only shows 5 MB free
I bought 50 MB for a month to see if it will fix the problem but nope.
It says I should have 70 MB available for a month but in the Gallery management it says I only have 55 MB available.

Why is Forumotion, the best forum provider otherwise :wouhou: , being so cheap on memory, both for the Gallery, the internal PM system and even with Attachments???


PS: Edit
Ok I discovered where the 15 MB went Embarassed
The attachment option didn't increase the amount of memory available it just shares it with the gallery Sad

20 MB free for two memory juggernauts like those isn't enough, and buying memory every month to have them functional will not be a very good option for poor forums Sad

Anyway Forumotion can increase that to perhaps 20 GB Question
(After all Hard drives have increase in capacity ten fold but prizes have not.)
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