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Having problems with portal

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Having problems with portal Empty Having problems with portal

Post by Truupps September 4th 2007, 6:17 pm

Hello i have the forum webpage : Http://

my problem here is that i trying to make so people thats "member" on the site that have register and i have accepted them can check every forum post.. and the ones that i havent accepted cant check 2 of the forum pages.. and it works great... There is just 1 little problem.. the portal that i like alot , nice outfit and everything .. its just destroying my idea with people that's not member should not se the 2 forum pages.. becouse portal are showing everyone the latest text me and my friends have written on the forum that only members should see.. So people thats not member can automatic see almost everything we writing becouse of the portal showing every single new post for everyone.. can you make portal only showable for members or something ?

i wonder if i can turn of so only members can have use for the "portal" ??

even have 1 more question..

When i press " index " i get all the foum's that i can go into and there i can see what people have posted up.. but before i press any of the forums .. above there it says "Forum"

i want it to say like "Member Forum" and i want to find where i can make anoter text like that.. nothing that you press only the text that says what the things downstairs is..

i want one with " General Forum" and one with " Member Forum"

Would be great if anyone could help me with this.. i'm kinda new with making websites / forum's .. but trying to learn how to do it and it seems kinda intressting so i really would like some advice from other or if anyone know exactly how to do would be lovely = )

Write or ir send me mail or add me on msn : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
And i really hope you can read my bad english *-*.


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Having problems with portal Empty Re: Having problems with portal

Post by The Godfather September 5th 2007, 11:11 am

Hello and welcome to forumotion support.

Because you are new, and it seem that you completlly ignor our rules, here are useful links where you can look for answers :

Arrow [/size]Rultes & Important points
Arrow Updates & New features
Arrow Frequently Asked Questions
Arrow List of the Frequengly Asked Questions' topics
Arrow Tricks & Tips
Arrow List of the Tricks & Tips topics
Arrow The Search feature
Arrow The
FAQ[size=12] of

Moreover, if you don't find the answer for your question, don't hesitate to open a new topic since this section is made for this !

about your questions:

1- it's just a permission problem!! you have to set the right permission for your forums and gests will not see them any more!! you can do that on your admin panel >> forum >> forum permissions control: guest must have noting ticked...

2- i didn't got what you exactlly whant!! but i think you wanna change your forum or section title!!? if yes, you can do that on your admin panel >> forum >> Categories and forums >> enter the forum you wanna change and go to "Modify a forum"

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