Posts dissapearing!!!

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Posts dissapearing!!!

Post by matt_m on May 17th 2010, 1:33 pm

I've had a few complaints from my members lately (over the past few days) that they have posted and gone back later and the post is missing. I put it down to a mistake on their part in some way and thought that can't happen!

But today it happened to me. I made a post, I got the "your message has been entered succesfully" screen, clicked to view my post in the thread, all fine.

I have just gone back to the thread in question and the post is not there!!!!!!!!!!


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Re: Posts dissapearing!!!

Post by zelf on June 22nd 2010, 7:49 pm

I have had the same problem on my forums. at first I thought it was that users computer, untill another user started haveing the same problem.

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Re: Posts dissapearing!!!

Post by kirk on June 22nd 2010, 10:19 pm

check in your profile Statistics and go to find all post by this user and see if it comes up in there..if it comes up in a basket.. then you must have the pruning on and will have to change the settings.
or may be they are being moved.. idk.. but if your will show up where ever it is that way. so check and see what happens then come back and let us know..

kind of strange for sure.

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