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Bump option for administrators?

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Bump Options

Post by GIJoke on May 19th 2010, 12:42 pm

first of all, there have been similar requests about bump, those therefor been about the ability for EVERYONE to bump a thread, which i do dislike.

well id like the ability for an administrator to bump a thread. this is useful anyway, to keep things in order.

best example would be something like an information board on the forum, like this i have on my forum:

so i have there information threads about my clan, they are locked, nobody can post in them so their order wont ever change. now i might like to change the order, sort them differently (for example id like the thread "The Spirits" to be on top):

current order
The Delegates
The Mystics
The Spirits

order id like
The Spirits
The Delegates
The Mystics

with a bump option i could just push it on the top with one klick, currently i had to either delete all threads and repost them in the order i like, or to post something in the thread i want on the top, which i do not want cause a bump post on an information page looks more then unprofessional.


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Re: Bump Options

Post by Nukkavieru on July 31st 2010, 7:24 pm

That would be great, and it could work for members too if you just put a time limit to the button use and the admin panel would have options to adjust the use of the Bump button from admin panel --> General --> Messages and Emails --> "Idk where"... Options like these for example:
  • "Bump button: on/off
  • Time limit for use: "# of hours"
  • Maximum bumps per day: "#"
The max bumps per day would limit the button use so that users could bump only one or two bumps per period of time set and not just bump all of theyre topics within the period of time set..

These kind of buttons are used on other forums and I have seen them as a positive plus since Bumping a topic you made wouldnt therefore increase your postcount for nothing.

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Re: Bump Options

Post by Jophy on May 7th 2013, 6:28 am

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