Banners (question and help for others)

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Banners (question and help for others)

Post by Honor on June 1st 2010, 9:36 pm

For those of us that wanted multiple banners, I have semi-good news. I found something that works on the boards. The only problem is that it's a random generator. It doesn't assign the banner to a specific forum.

It's free, you just have to register for it to get a link. You upload your pictures into it, as many as you want. You then take the url it gives you and put it in the "banner image url" section under Display>Pic Management.

Basically, every refresh brings up a random banner from the list you've created.

Also, because the URL never changes, you can add and take away sigs from that url I've listed, and it automatically fixes them on the forum. You don't have to change anything in your administration panel if you decide to add in another banner.

This brings about my question. I run a Role Play forum, with different Worlds. Each forum is a different one. I want to assign a banner to each world, so the boards are "custom" to fit the world.

Is this possible?


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