Star Wars Forum Mass Design

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Star Wars Forum Mass Design

Post by pokemainiac on June 2nd 2010, 7:38 pm

Nature of the creation : Logo, Banner, Nav Bar Buttons (Index, Portal, Login, Logout, Register, Search, Groups, Profile, Members) Forum Icons (No New Posts, New Posts, Locked), Thread Icons (No New Posts, No New Posts (Popular), New Posts, New Posts (Popular), Locked, Sticky, Announcement, Global Announcement)
Creation size (in pixels) : Logo (500*300), Banner (900*250), Nav Bar (85*25), Thread Icons (50*50), Forum Icons (50*50)
With or without animation : Without
Background color : Black
Picture(s) link(s) :
Text to insert : Logo should say "Star Wars Omniverse" The topic icons and forum icons should say (Corresponds to each one. Text in "" Marks: Global Announcement-"GA", Announcement-"A", Sticky-"S", No New Posts-"NNP", New Posts-"NP", No new Posts (Popular)-"NNPP", New Posts (Popular)-"NPP". Locked will use the image specified above and no text. Banner should feature the logo and the text "The Only Site to go Point 5 past Light Speed" Nav Bar Buttons Should say what it says in the request. E.g Profile says "Profile"
Link to the font to download : Use font at If that doesn't work go to and use font 125, Star Wars Font.
Font color : Silver, and if possible, a metal with bolts look to it, but don't worry if you can't.
Link of my forumotion forum :
Extra comments : None
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Re: Star Wars Forum Mass Design

Post by Matei on June 2nd 2010, 8:42 pm

Exclamation We no longer accept requests from fresh new forums ... we are not sure whether your forum will be a success or not. And its a shame wasting time on uncertain forums rather then forums that have been around long.
So requests open to 1 month old forums and over.
=> Request refused - Garbage

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