New and no new forum icon locations.

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New and no new forum icon locations.

Post by Njinx on June 5th 2010, 9:21 am

Well, I've made a multiforum out of my one forum following Jalokim's tutorial. Now I got a problem. I got four forums in one, and I got only one icon describing the forum posts. I know that its possible, Ive seen it on other forums, so I'm thinking of trying to do it on my forum. Is it possible to multiply the icons, connected to the subforums that are in my one big multiforum, and make them appear under my multiforum icons, instead of only one icon in the left. I would be really thankful, and even make a topic in my forum with a thanks to the person that helped.

If you don't get what kind of problem I have, say so, I'll try to explain more and even post screenies. Thanks in advance.

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