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Post by Honor on June 10th 2010, 7:09 am

Blue Planet RPGs
The World of Role Play

Choice of Category: Games and RPG
Language: English Only (must be able to read and speak fluently)

Purpose: For writers and strategists. This board is home to several different Role Playing Worlds (RPWs). Scenes range from Medieval Times (Annals of Lystra) to the end of the Earth's Age (Solar Exodus). Some are created, some are fan games from TV series (Stargates SG-1 and Atlantis being the most popular right now)

We are also always looking for new ideas, worlds, and leaders. If you have an idea for a massive game, or maybe one for a not so massive game, don't be shy! Come on over and propose your idea. All it takes is a handful to show interest (we ran one world for five months with the same four people when BP first started Very Happy).

General GamePlay: Worlds are played on a post-by-post response system. There are no die involved. You simply have your character respond as you believe they would to the current stimuli and environment.

Each RPW is managed differently, as each has a different Role Play Leader (RPL). Therefor GamePlay may differ from world to world.

There are no limits as to how many worlds you can play in. However, there may be a limit to how many characters you can have within one world. This is up to RPL discretion.

Spectator: (Most forums Read-Only) Registered User
Benched: (Most forums Read-Only, with access to Family - Character bios)
To Apply: Fill out an Application
Keystone: (All forum and RPW access)
To Apply: After you've filled out an Application, simply post up a character bio within the RPW section you wish to join. Once it's approved, you are free to roam!

Contact Info
Owner / Designer: Koda
RP Administrator and Organizer: Honor (me!)

TV Series RPWs

Stargate Command
RPL: Hvzeda (subject to change soon)

Ever wanted to try Interplanetary Travel? Ever wonder what a wormhole feels like to travel through? Ever just wanted to run your hand through that blue liquid-like event horizon? How about going through as Commando, as a Scientist, as an Archeologist - or any odd mix of the above? (within reason, of course)

This world is a realistic military endeavor to explore new planets and protect Earth, all the while making allies and enemies alike.

Based off the original SciFi series Stargate: SG-1
Sometime around seasons 6 or 8

RPL: Koda

The Lost City of the Ancients. Thought to be sunk. Wait - it was. But not on Earth - try the Pegasus Galaxy for starters.

The RPW is a perfect mix of military and aliens. Explore the Pegasus Galaxy while warding off the dreaded Wraith. New races (at least one of which was not part of the show), new enemies.

Based off the original SciFi series Stargate: Atlantis
Sometime around Season 3
Atlantis has frequent contact with Earth, and the Wraith are not a new enemy.

Omega Base
RPL: Hvzeda

*This world is still currently under construction.*

Be among the first to explore a strange new galaxy, away from Earth!

Based off the original SciFi series Stargate Universe
RP Information - still also under construction

RPs waiting for interest
Serenity (Firefly RP)
- was once started, but has been pulled due to lack of interest. Will restart if we get people willing to play.


Solar Exodus
RPLs: Incendiary and Church

This is a very complex RPW to try and explain. This reality was created by two of our members, Church and another named Router. The setting is the very end of life on Earth as it is physically torn apart by war and a dying Sun. Mankind, in an effort to escape, set aside their differences and branch out into the solar system, occupying the other planets. But this does not prove enough, and political differences threaten life once more. In an effort to save ourselves, mankind has set about to move further into the galaxy to escape.

A harsh breed of humans, called Wolves, were raised and trained as lethal and seemingly immoral killing machines for the War. But once the war was set aside, so were the Wolves. They are now in stasis, awaiting to be awakened.

In the meantime, Navy elite who pride themselves in kills obtained and achievements won, have begun taking on the name Wolf for themselves. If only these "pups" knew what becoming a true Wolf entailed...

Any and all human races are accepted in this RPW. It is currently under reconstruction, and will relaunch in the near future. There is more than enough interest - we are simply waiting on the RPLs to get their information together.

Get your Bio in now - be on the ground level on the largest mass exodus Mankind has ever known!

The Christian Crusade
RPL: JakeMcCormick

This RPL is for the Christians out there. The Crusade is a protective movement launched as a division to Earth's military system, meant to ward off demonic activity and spread peace where it is needed among the stars. The young Commander, Jake McCormick, leads this force aboard the starship Redemption. Judas the demon has made himself known in many forms, but he is always just out of reach.

Join the crew as friend, or hop into the universe as foe. And remember - think Star Trek meets Christ, and you're sure to do fine.

(don't ask - we didn't know what else to call it)

Annals of Lystra (Medieval RP)
RPL: Honor

Build-as-you-play RPW

Horses. Knights. Damsels in distress - and not necessarily rich ones at that. Life in the huts, or life in the palace? You decide. Take up residence in Lystra, under King Karel's rule, and try to make a life for yourself.

That is, of course, if you manage to survive disease and rogue Warriors. Where's a knight when you need one? Actually, right around the bend.

This world is one of your making. The only information available is that on the province of Lystra and the four surrounding provinces, listed for character development only. The layout of the land, the Castle, the village - all of it is up to you as you roam. This RP is for everyone, but the more descriptive writers might actually have the most fun.

Pandora's Box
RPL: Honor

Now THIS RPW is a fun one! It is not a set game, but rather a catch-all of smaller games. One thread battles, missions, random things that don't fit in the other worlds. Flesh out a new character, explore an option you missed in one of the other RPWs, or simply kill Zombies for fun. Teach someone how to RP here as well.

This world is a free one and easy going. As stated you can branch off from other RPWs here, or create an RP just for you and a few friends. Only two, yourself and a partner, are needed to play.

Simply email the RPL your idea, with as much setting and rules as you want implied, and who else will be involved. We also need to know if it's an open event (for all RPers who seem interested) or if it's a closed event (solely for yourself and a buddy or five). Your thread will appear and off you go!

And yes, the forum is as random as the two Kiwis. I love my evil little baby one....

More information

Extra Goodies!

bye The chatbox is on every page! It also makes sounds, or if that annoys you, you can mute it! Never miss the chat while posting again!

blackeye Artist? Writer? We have a blog session just for you! You moderate your own section.
Come see what's up!


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Re: Blue Planet RPGs

Post by Honor on July 8th 2010, 10:29 pm

Note from the Omega Base RPL, Hvzeda:

Omega Base is now conducting interviews for all command applications. Please turn your Personnel files in ASAP.

This is a new Stargate idea. See her for more details. Now accepting character bios.


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Re: Blue Planet RPGs

Post by Honor on August 13th 2010, 4:01 am

Solar Exodus RPW has commenced!


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Re: Blue Planet RPGs

Post by Honor on October 21st 2010, 7:48 am

Omega Base is now embarking on it's new journey! Pack your bags and head out for the newest galaxy. New worlds, new enemies, new.... troubles galore....

Happy Halloween from Blue Planet!

PS-New skin to play with!


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Re: Blue Planet RPGs

Post by Jophy on February 20th 2013, 11:31 am

Forum is not English.

=> Garbaged

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