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Solved WARNING! Pro ana

Post by Hely on June 16th 2010, 8:26 pm

because I'm new on this site, I can't send any private messages and contact the administrator,

-I write here instead!!

We are a group of a few swedish people who fighting against Pro-ana forum.

We started this group after one of our co-worker's sister ended up in hospital in 13 weeks with
anorexia nervosa, nearly died.
Ever since then we have fought hard and managed to shut down many Pro-ana forum.
Forums where they invite each other to starve themselves, use illegal dietpills,
throw up your food and tell the best way to lie to their parents.. and so on!!
If you end up in hospital they are not deterred, they think that you have fought well and
should continue that way.
Every day, many young people join these forums and destroy their life.

We hope you are taking this seriously and are willing to help us close down these deadly forum.
(These forums are, after all, illegal in many countries of many reasons)

Here's a link to a Swedish pro ana forum that have been started from your site

Please write us after you have made a decision of this Forum!

sorry for bad english

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Solved Re: WARNING! Pro ana

Post by Jophy on June 17th 2010, 1:48 pm


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Solved Re: WARNING! Pro ana

Post by kirk on June 18th 2010, 6:00 am

Yes as zoids has said that is where you report any forums that may be in violations. We only do support here on this forum and have nothing to do with the litigation team.. all decisions of reported forums are investigated,evaluated through formotion litigation's team.


Since the information was provided on how and where to report a forumotion forum that may be in violation i will now mark this topic a solved and locked the thread.

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