End the Harassment

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End the Harassment

Post by pokecenter on June 17th 2010, 4:01 am


If you can't see it says should I go and annoy them -- The usual finally got proof!

Harassment by: 5P33D5, Akki-Enzeru Soul, arceusvoice, Baby Showers, Baki, Blaze, bluey~chikko, Bolverk, Cindergh, Cladstn_Vampire, Clover, Dark Sceptile, Darknesswolf, Darkrai120, feraligator dude, Gary, griffinheart, jc3, Jojo-, Jolteon, Ke$ha Is Hot, Kidicarus45, KidScoropian, kommeo, Leon, locodude0001, Loren, May, Meap the Alien, Mewtoo22, Paradox, PokeCenter, Pokéfreak, Reao, rezna, Rorro, Seymour, ShadowBringer333, SharlottCrain, Sora989, Sorrel, Thepokeloadguy, ThisGuy, Trainer+Red

At: http://clover.top-forum.net/forum.htm

Coming to: http://pokecenter.usersboard.com/forum.htm Please stop!


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Re: End the Harassment

Post by MrMario on June 17th 2010, 6:21 am

All reports should be reported to here https://www.forumotion.com/en/litigation/ or PMed to Typlo never on a forum. I will now lock this topic.

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