How To get rid of Calender, FAQ?

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How To get rid of Calender, FAQ?

Post by A7 LEGIT on June 22nd 2010, 1:36 pm

Anyone know how to get rid of them?

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Re: How To get rid of Calender, FAQ?

Post by kirk on June 22nd 2010, 4:47 pm

You can just only show for administrators in the nav bar.
Or you can just remove the images from you pic's management.

If reeving the images you will have to have the nav bar set to only display images in the nav bar

Admin panel>display>home page>headers and navigation.

for the first scroll down to Nav Links.
then click on the orange action icon to edit the link.
you will see permissions for who can view the link.Simply hit modify and set accordingly and hit save. you will have to do this for both calender and FAQ

Then the second way would be to remove images

At the top in page headers you will see ( Display only images in the navbar)
select yes then hit save.. then go to.

Display>pics management>advanced mode.
the first page (general & explore) is where the images are and you can simply hide or remove the links and hit save.

Then if you are using phpbb2 or punnbb version.
you can just remove the content in the templates and hit save. then go back and publish.. but doing this the link would still show in the nav bar it would just be a blank empty page when clicked.
if you remove the content from the template and want to get it back. you can simply delete the template and that will automatically restore the template back to it's default content.

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