Colored Reputation Bars

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Colored Reputation Bars

Post by Vincent on June 23rd 2010, 3:16 pm

I am not entirely sure if it can be done or added to my forum and be automatically changed depending on voting. But there is no harm and sending out a request and leaving it in the hands of professionals.

Nature of the creation: Colored Reputation Bars
Creation size (in pixels): Your Choice For Our Forum
With or without animation: Automated depending on user and member votes
Background color: Generally Black (Need Red for Negative Rep, Blue for Positive Rep)
Extra comments: Im not sure how it might work out, but depending on votes the bars will have to be adjustable so when a vote is counted it will be either depleted or raise in number. Anyone is open to try to fulfill the request, all submissions will be noted and accounted for and highly appreciated.
I am really wanting the bars mainly for impacts and general view of who is there to help and who isnt
So it will really help out my members when asking a question or needing advice in general
and depending on the reputation bar they will know exactly who is better to trust
(this is just rambling that isnt needed, just thought I would put my reason out there)

Thank you and best of luck with my request!

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