Make Staff members read PM's.

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Make Staff members read PM's.

Post by Archangel Death God on June 23rd 2010, 7:47 pm

Why can't Admins and Moderators read threw PM's. I think staff members should be able to read PM's, because what happens if a user breaks a specific rule by Via PM? How will we know if they broke a specific rule if we cannot read PM.s


What happens if a user keeps on doing something bad to another user by Via PM, and that user tries to report the other user for doing such a thing but the user who assumes that the other user is doing something bad to him/her, doesn't have any proof since Amins and Moderators cannot read PM's. So if there are any PM issues, we will be able to fix it because Admins and Moderators can read PM's.

Well, do any of you guys like this idea?

Archangel Death God

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Re: Make Staff members read PM's.

Post by MrMario on June 23rd 2010, 7:52 pm

This has been suggested many times and refused. Forumotion doesn't want to break laws of reading private messages. If you are worried just have the user screenshot the PM's to you. Then you can to the action that is needed.

That being said I will now lokc this topic.

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