Color of usernames

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Color of usernames

Post by TomerBB on June 26th 2010, 9:55 am

In my forum you can't see the user's name since it fades away in the matching color background

How/where do I change the color of the username?

And can I make a group for regular users that every new user will join automatically?


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Re: Color of usernames

Post by Guest on June 26th 2010, 3:22 pm

Hello. you can change the user's name colour from the groups.
How: ACP - User & Groups - Group Administrations - Click to modify the groups. now look at :
Group Members Color : COLOUR HERE

Color Group Members : YES HERE.


And you can make Group auto-subscribe : by the new user need to make one post to be in this group. and automatically ;D

I hope you understand me, if you need any help, you are welcome to ask Wink.


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