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Site Switch Over

Post by scottynoooo on July 9th 2010, 2:21 pm

I created my free site and now i wish to hand it to somone else to carry on. I know i need to change emails over so he gets all the info to him but how do i do that?

Also what else do i need to switch to make him the owner. Im not bothered about admin as hes already on it and im still helping out.


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Re: Site Switch Over

Post by APE on July 9th 2010, 4:52 pm

To do this is very eash go to the Forum utilities that can be found HERE
once you are there log in with your info you 1st made your site with.

Then you will need to get the Email address of the member you are passing your account to.

Now pm that member with he's info making sure you give him the info to the
Forum utilities aswell as he /she will need to enter this part there self.

once you have sent him a new temp password ask him/her to log on to the
Forum utilities and change the password him/her self to something he will not forget and some thing you and no one else knows this is to make it safe from any one else.

then submit the info. he/she should now be a admin of your site and have the rights to edit the full site.

So remove your Email address add he's/her's in its place then change password you made up and Email him /her the info.
Get the new admin to log in
Forum utilitiesand change password to anything they want then SAVE

Hope that was of some help.


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