I cant log out!! :O

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I cant log out!! :O

Post by Spock on July 21st 2010, 1:00 pm

Im a bit confused bcos I cant log out. I have just edited the "Ashley Green" theme so I hope I dont have to change the theme and build all over again. I tried log out link also without button but same thing, cant log out.

Then there are some other probs too. When I change background color to near black its outline turns to white. When I edit the outline color to black the background color goes back to original grey. @!#?%#! I was able to change the colors from css stylesheet. I also notized when submitted the changes I saw an error notizement "Detected error
We have counted a different number of "{" and of "}". It means your CSS risks to be not valid and will not be posted correctly on your forum." It comes eventho I revert the css stylesheet. Is this something I have to fix? I really dont kno how bcos im new to css.

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