How to backup iPhone Music and Video to Your PC

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How to backup iPhone Music and Video to Your PC

Post by xaviwang777369 on July 27th 2010, 4:36 am

As we all know that, it is impossible to backup iPhone movies and songs to PC in iTunes. So we need a third-party iPhone to PC transfer tool to backup iPhone contents to PC.
And sometimes you need to transfer music and videos on your pc to your iPhone, or your friends want to backup music from your iPhone to his iPhone, this time you need an iPhone Transfer to help you to solve these problem.
I would like to recommend the useful [Spam] iPhone Transfer for PC users.
Today I will show you how to transfer music, videos, photos and other files among iPhone and PC with [Spam] .com/iphone-transfer.html] iPhone Transfer .
[Spam] iPhone Transfer is all-in-one iPhone software. It is a remarkable iPhone File Transfer to transfer iPhone files to PC, including the videos, audios files. Along with the function to transfer music and movies from PC to iPhone. Plus, it acts as one iPhone to iPhone transfer. So it’s very comfortable to copy one iPhone files to another iPhone. All the steps can be finished without any help of the iTunes.
The step-by-step guide on how to transfer music, videos, photos and other files among iPhone, PC with the help of [Spam] iPhone Transfer as follows:
This guide includes three parts:
How to transfer music/movie from PC to iPhone
How to backup iPhone music/movie to PC
How to export files from iPhone to iTunes
The first thing you need to do is to free download [Spam] .com/download/iphone-transfer.exe] iPhone Transfer , install and launch it. Also you should confirm your iTunes version is the newest version to satisfy your need. The interface will pop up like this:

How to import your computer files or folder to iPhone
1. Run [Spam] iPhone Transfer and connect the iPhone to PC via USB cable. The software will automatically detect the iPhone, display all the contents of iPhone in the left device list and show its device info on the right window.
2. Click "PC to iPhone" button to import the files or folders on your pc you want to import to iPhone by checking them. It will start transferring automatically.
How to backup iPhone files to Computer directly.
1. Run the software, and connect iPhone to PC.
2. Select the files you want to copy to PC by checking them.
3. Click [img:16e2]http://www.[Spam].com/guide/iphone-transfer/iphone-to-pc.jpg[/img:16e2] button to start transferring.
[Spam] .com/iphone-to-computer-transfer.html] iPhone to Computer Transfer has the same function as this. You can get a free trial and experience it.
How to transfer files between different iPhone.
1. Run the software, connect iPhone to PC.
2. Check the file(s) to be transferred in the file list.
3. Click the “iPhone to iPhone” button to start transferring from one iPhone to another.
For Mac users, we have the same function software to share with you.
[Spam] .com/iphone-to-mac-transfer.html] iPhone to Mac Transfer
[Spam] .com/iphone-transfer-for-mac.html] iPhone Transfer for Mac
[Spam] .com/iphone-ringtone-maker.html] iPhone Ringtone Maker
[Spam] .com/ipod-video-converter.html]iPod Video Converter

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