will forumotion get the new invision

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will forumotion get the new invision

Post by TGC HARDC0RE on July 28th 2010, 5:58 am

i have noticed that forumotion have an old version of invision

because the new version is 3.1 or somthing

will forumotion get the new invision ?

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Re: will forumotion get the new invision

Post by MrMario on July 28th 2010, 6:03 am

The forum versions we have here will be outdated because Forumotion custom builds their own. I don't recall Forumotion updating versions but it could be all behind the scene if they do.

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Re: will forumotion get the new invision

Post by kirk on July 28th 2010, 8:26 am

yeah MrMario has a good point when saying forumotion custom builds there own versions to incorporate features and options.

Like take the regular phpbb free forums host.. ok they have and offer phpbb3 versions.
but using there free version directly from phpbb host. they do not offer such features for creating your custom appearance etc.. for one example.. the same as i am sure the free version of invision most likely dose not have all the features forumotion offers.

but at the same time i am sure there are some features that only phpbb and invision has that forumotion do not have in place..

So you just have to decide what host would be better for you and what you like best.
but if it's easy customization for forums appearances then forumotion in my opinion is most defently a host you would want for fast and easy progress to set up a forums theme or appearance.
(although keep in mind this would depend on ones experiences skills to)
Forumotion has an easy system for both beginners and pros to set up a nice looking forum to where you do not otherwise have to be a coding or CSS expert to do so.

And it's funny you would think paid versions such as phpbb forum would have easy options for setting up appearances like forumotion offers here.. well they do have all the features but it's way different and i would recommend any first time forum creators to go with a free forum host preferably forumotion(of course ) To gain a lil understanding first.. although there are many more options and things you can do with paid forums it can also come with a lot more headaches at times... lol (depending?)

Anyway don't want to go to far off topic here affraid LOL

So this really dose not have anything to do with your question just wanted to add a lil more incite to Mr Marios reply Wink

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