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Kingdom of Rynial

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Kingdom of Rynial Empty Re: Kingdom of Rynial

Post by Stormphyre July 27th 2010, 8:38 am

Choice Category: Games and RPG
Choice Title: Kingdom of Rynial
Forum Address:
Main language: English
Forum Description: The Kingdom of Rynia is a newly opened role play forum, the story line existing in a purely fantasy world. 500 years of peace and prosperiety, but rumors whisper that is to end. Find out the truth!
Plot: The Kingdom of Rynial has flourished for 500 years, all in thanks to the Lianial Wall. However, signs show that the wall has begun to weaken and a Life Mage, which could save the kingdom, hasn't been seen in some 300 years. Fear slowly stirs and whispers. Will the Wall fall at the hands of those who want a new kingdom? Will peace continue?
Administrators: Stormphyre

Forum Layout
Out of Character Area
Required Reading: Rules, history, and useful bits are.
Chitter Chatter: Chatting it up and all kinds of goofy stuff.
Character Profiles: Character profiles go here.
Art Gallery: For your arts, forum related or just random prettyness.
Once Upon a Time: For rping unrelated to the plot.

In Character Area
Linsa City: The Royal city.
-Rynial Castle
First Territory
Second Territory
Third Territory
Fourth Territory
Fifth Territory

Extra: As plot progresses, other areas will be open and more things discovered.
Its a splendid journey to join!
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