Regarding underaged members...

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Regarding underaged members...

Post by Ran_TH on July 29th 2010, 5:00 am

I want to ask: how we, the forum admin, deal with underage forum members (under 13)?
Do we permanently banning them from registering, or allowing them but with some restrictions?

I read this COPPA requirements for boards but I need more clear explanation:
12.1 COPPA Requirements:
You are required to protect the privacy of users under 13 years old. There are three types of registration for users under 13. You may select the type that fits you community and needs best, but you must enforce rules related to the registration type you select. You may not suggest or encourage users to lie about their age to bypass any COPPA registration/profile restrictions. You must remove any personally identifiable information from posted Content if the user has not filed a form. If you request personally identifiable information on your board, you must specifically state it excludes users under 13 years old. If you become aware of a user under 13 years old that has not entered an accurate birthday, you must have them update their birthday in their profile. You are required to delete any users who mention that they are under 13 years old if you have opted to ban user under 13 years old from registering.

So basically - If these rules are not met, you must delete the user. Nothing will happen to your forum and no further action is taken against your board unless you allow the members to post any form of personal information. It's for the safety of the members who are under 13. You have members here in their 30s and you have members who are 10 - without parental consent that is not safe.

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