Profile Glitches?

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Profile Glitches?

Post by CloverTea on August 6th 2010, 1:22 am

Can anyone explain to me why recently, some of the profile options are appearing as...glitchy?

For example, there are some fields where members can pick a sprite/image to represent them. It isn't the avatar, it's a totally different field I added.

Anyway, sometimes when I view someone's profile page (or my own) it will show ALL of the options even when I don't click anything to edit it. It also will display random text field boxes, and show some of the images as the image source code.

It's really odd, and apparently other members in my forum have been noticing it too.

This is a separate question, but why do some member names appear in italics? At first I thought it was because they were the newest member, but now it seems to happen randomly.

thanks for any help you can give!!

(if i can get a screen shot of this occurring I'll post it!)

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Re: Profile Glitches?

Post by kirk on August 6th 2010, 1:49 am

for the first question i think this may be part of the little profile field bug.
the techs are aware of this and have been working on it.

as far as the second question i am not sure that is a first i heard of the.

you can continue with your first question over here in this thread.

and for your second question can you please provide a screen shot or link so we can see what you mean.

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