Elite Ranks(User Bars)WITH ICONS

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Elite Ranks(User Bars)WITH ICONS

Post by nexonhacked on August 9th 2010, 6:42 am

First topic message reminder :

Heres my latest work
and maybe even my best!!
Enjoy Very Happy
it took awhile so repect please
Very Happy
i will take reuest for text change,text colour change,text font change
adn anyother changes includig Icons




Community Admin:



Global MOD:





Got any Other ideas? Post then here
made 100% by me :wouhou:

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Re: Elite Ranks(User Bars)WITH ICONS

Post by Calithenub on September 2nd 2010, 12:36 am

drachmeister: That's not very nice. The mods do their job to make the forum what it is today: awesome. ♥ I don't think any of the staff abuse their powers. Justin already told the person about the rule, he has the right to warn him. And please don't use caps. Smile

@drachemeister wrote:If we have access to it, WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE IT!!!
People have access to and can do many things, but it doesn't mean they should use or do them. :]

No more comments about bold/colour in posts, or you get a reminder in your profile. 2 reminders = warn.

@the ranks:
You spelt global mod wrong >_< Maybe you should try using a more neutral font like Helvetica, Verdana or Arial :] You could try making the bevel softer. ^^ A good try.

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Re: Elite Ranks(User Bars)WITH ICONS

Post by blindbat1457 on September 2nd 2010, 8:41 am

@drachemeister wrote:
@LH Justin wrote:I've told you already not to use color and bold in posts. Member warned.

Whoever thought this up needs to be removed from the Forum permanently. I don't care who made it up, but this is the stupidest, most outrageous "rule" I have ever seen in my ENTIRE life. If you don't like us using it, FIND A WAY TO REMOVE IT!!! And DON'T tell me there is no way! There is a way! If we have access to it, WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE IT!!!

The moderators on this Forum are on a power trip. They're power hungry, controlling, and once they have that power, they abuse it.

Well I can't honestly say if there is a way or not but if there is it has to do with template editing and a bunch of coding. Other than that I don't think it is possible unless the tech changes it so certain groups can use it.

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Re: Elite Ranks(User Bars)WITH ICONS

Post by naca007 on September 2nd 2010, 8:58 pm

I don't know why it's hard to accept that rule .Staff members don't use colors in regular posts , just when they are moderating , so basicly the rights are pretty much the same for both sides .

As for the ranks , they are OK , but I don't like the font . Bevel is too hard , you should have smooth it a bit , they would look prettier . Smile

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Re: Elite Ranks(User Bars)WITH ICONS

Post by Beno on September 3rd 2010, 1:49 pm

The reason that only Moderators are allowed to use colored text is because it makes it easier to distinguish between posts and moderation. The rules are written by forumotion so if you have a problem, bring it up with them.

Can we please get back on topic now please? Please don't don't bring the topic up again.

This post doesn't need a reply


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Re: Elite Ranks(User Bars)WITH ICONS

Post by Graphoil on September 3rd 2010, 2:34 pm

@Caihlem wrote:'Tis the way it is alas, and none shall change it till thy Lords Techies defy the almighty spirits of internet coding. Alas, the shamans haven't prayed recently, so thy lords will unlikely venture forth in such domain

P.S; Ranks aren't too bad, dispight the Font is a Medieval-Fantasy'ish font and the images are Pro-Modern'ish

Here comes Caihlem, the fowl beast who dwells the undergrowth of the Support Forums, leering topics into his benovelent basket of trash where it shall be incinerated. Wink

'Tis not be good.

Anyway, they are very low quality, find better icons, change the text to a nicer text. Wink

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Re: Elite Ranks(User Bars)WITH ICONS

Post by Jeremjay24 on September 3rd 2010, 7:29 pm

It's not my taste, but great job anyway. Smile

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