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Problems not getting 'fixed' on our forumotion site.

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Problems not getting 'fixed' on our forumotion site. Empty Problems not getting 'fixed' on our forumotion site.

Post by Guest August 11th 2010, 3:11 am

Recently I had a topic about an issue with the chatbox basically having this annoying problem where internal links posted in the chatbox open up inside the chatbox window instead of opening normally. Here is the thread: Click Here!

We were given suggestions on how to 'work around' the problem instead of actually 'fixing' the problem.
We were told:

  • That we can just right click the link and click 'Open in new window' or 'Open in new tab'.
  • Hold Shift when clicking the link to open the link in a new window.
  • Go to and make a tiny url link for that topic just to post it in the chatbox to open up correctly.
  • Remove the 'http' from the beginning of the link. (umm.. this doesn't do anything..)
  • We were given this link ''... (these codes don't work in the chatbox so I'm not sure i even understood how this helps..)
  • We were told to "get over it and deal with it or get a new chatbox from somewhere else."
  • We were told that this problem "doesn't require" a technician to re-write the coding of the chatbox just to fix this because "it is what it is, this is how the forumotion chatbox is.".... To me that just seems like lazyness and a lack of effort to 'fix' the problem. There is no need to start re-writing the chatbox, just fix the code that opens internal links to open up externally. Simple, you are the techs is it really that hard?
Further more I think this was sort of a middle finger at the users who find this to be an issue as their way of saying "we dont think its a problem, we dont want to fix it, deal with it".

Hmm.. Is that the kind of support we the users, who even give money to enhance our site to forumotion and this is the support we get?

I was also told that one support mod 'kirk' was tired of me bumping the topic as if he didn't give any suggestions.. Well like i said kirk, you even found it to be a problem yourself so idk why you're acting like it doesn't bother you either. Also you gave us a work around suggestion, I was bumping the topic because I wanted to read a post from somebody that was going to inform us if the techs were going to work on the problem or not. 2 whole weeks went by just for somebody to finally say something which wasn't even good news, "it is what it is, its not being 'fixed'".

* Is this really the end of the issue? Are we seriously not going to gain any further assistance with this problem other than being told work around methods and quotes like "deal with it.."?

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Problems not getting 'fixed' on our forumotion site. Empty Re: Problems not getting 'fixed' on our forumotion site.

Post by KingOfSports August 11th 2010, 3:41 am


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Problems not getting 'fixed' on our forumotion site. Empty Re: Problems not getting 'fixed' on our forumotion site.

Post by kirk August 12th 2010, 1:14 am

That's all the options and suggestions we can offer right now.
Be sure to over to the suggestions section to suggest this for the next update as well

and instead of doing it like this hxxp://

just remove the http all together like this :// or ~htpp://
then the links will not be click-able and members can copy and past to the address bar.

other alternatives chats

video chat rooms

Thread now locked


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