Please Help !!! always redirected Need Mod here

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Please Help !!! always redirected Need Mod here

Post by feverpart on August 12th 2010, 5:23 pm

Dear Forumotion staff

I just registered a new forum yesterday here


1) I could not update my sites. Whenever I try going to the categories like "Display", "General" etc, I am always redirected to the homepage. When I do manage to go into them, they just redirect me back to homepage once I click on something else

2) I tried using my other computers to check if there is compatibility problems with my current computer but the problem persist.

3) It appears that after logging in as Admin in the other computers, I cannot sign out from there, making it risky if I were to use public computers.

4) I cannot log into my forum without clicking on "Log me on automatically at each visit", thus when I tried to log out, it refuses to log me out.

Methods I tried to solve this:
1) Clearing browser and cache
2) Using other computers
3) Using different internet browser
4) Using

This is not the first time I used forummotion, previously it was quite alright. Thinking that it could just be for this forum, I tried another forum that I administer and the problem persist too. And now i can't access to my Admin panel too ....

I hope help will be provided soon! *getting worried here* Thank you! Sad

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