Frustrated, annoying security

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Frustrated, annoying security

Post by Jmies on August 17th 2010, 12:43 am

I have some serious problem with my forum's security. The forum is ment to be registered people only, and no matter what I do with the online markings, it still shows who's online for unregistered players. My forum is ment for a online strategy game, and opponents have an advantage, they can always check my forum, whois online. And it is a security issue anyhow.

The whole control panel is very frustrating, I have about 50 different areas on forum, and when I change some variables on the areas, I need to do them manually, one by on. When one area's right are done, and I press the Ok button, I have to roll the whole window and search manually next point, do the manually changes again and press Ok and roll the window again. I calculated, changing about 50 areas' right takes time for me an hour and half. There must be more frendly contolr panel system for users in this millenium.

Futhermore, changing graphics is even more annoying. Smileys disappear without a reason, one cannot change the standard table on Portal&Widgets, if I put them on, there will be just an annoying banner from PhotoBucket, saying, brandwidht exceeded. And there's a whole punch of things, that when I want do do a simple change on the forum, it takes more time than the registered user are willing to wait. The game has gone forward, and I need to make another change, exept the last on isn't ready. And the problem cumulates. All because of the control panel is so stiff, that one needs to press a million button and roll the window a thousand time to make one change. Evil or Very Mad

And in the end, the forum looks very different on FireFox than in Google Chrome. Not just the outlooks, but even the colors and themes Question

Please make a major version nro 256 soon Crying or Very sad
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Re: Frustrated, annoying security

Post by MrMario on August 17th 2010, 1:01 am

If you have an idea you will need to post in the suggestion section. The forum looks different because of the coding and not all browsers read the code the same. If you have photobucket errors and you are using Jalokim's skin you will need to find another skin as he is no longer making skins for Forumotion nor is he part of Forumotion.

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