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Pokémon Nary

Post by Artemis. on August 16th 2010, 3:41 am

Pokémon Nary

Choice of Category: Games & RPG
Language: English
Forum's Purpose: An open-ended Pokémon RP fans to roleplay as trainers, breeders, and all the other people who populate the quirky continent of Southern Nary. Battle your way to Pokémon Master, collect an army of Igglybuff, decipher the mysterious ruins of Ryouken and Haneshi, take over the world (did we say that out loud? our bad); your fate or lack thereof is in your own hands!
Link: http://nary.pokemonlegend.org/forum.htm





Number of Users

Originally Founded
Early 2000s

Nary Unique Pokedex
13 and growing


*NEW* Nary Awesome Points
Members now receive bonus points from making threads and posting IC, along with helping to bump our main ad. These will be used at the prize shop, coming soon!

Character Creativity
Restrictions are minimal, as long as you are an original human character or a wild pokemon, you should be good!

Freeform Basis
There is no predetermined story arc you'll be railroaded along. Plots, character development, et cetera are all put in play by the members themselves.

Evolving Content
The Narydex is far from complete - submit your own ideas for a Narymon!
Every wish you could be the bad guy - why be bad when you can be bad*dest*. Start your own criminal gang, or stir up a vigilante force to stop those dastardly devils.
New locations are discovered all the time - did *you* ever see that haunted castle before? And don't forget, this is just Southern Nary. Did you think they'd call it that if there wasn't a Northern Nary as well?

Silly Seriousness
Giant pirate ship (with working cannons!). Assassins. Escaped mutant legendary clones. Mystical temples. An iron city in the sky.
It's not crack, but it's definitely a heck of a fun ride.

Epic Parties
Nary knows how to throw a giant bash. AND HOW!


News, Events, Guides, Logs & Journals

Out of Character
Chat, Art, Suggestion Box, Adverts, Game Corner

Safari Zone, Underground, Beyond

Main Areas
Lab, PokeCenter, PokeMart, Breeding, Trading, Golden Stadiums

Off the Beaten Path
Routes One-Eight, Nineteen, & Twenty

Marsh, Belle, Mauve, Rike, Onitaco, Mobious, Soniku, Alubay

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Re: Pokémon Nary

Post by Oussi on June 15th 2013, 7:08 pm

Thats Nice
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