Orignal domain name is not change

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Orignal domain name is not change

Post by DadyKing on August 27th 2010, 3:32 pm

Earlier my site domain name was mobirocks.darkbb.com
and now my domain name is mobitehk.com.

just have a look at the image on top & see the orignal domain name is mobiocks.darkbb.com. why it is not mobitehk.com?
I dont want to redirect the old domain name ie [mobirocks.darkbb.com]

is there any possibilities of changing my original domain name permanently.

& i cant search my site on Google ie [mobitehk].
mobirocks is search able in Google.

i have copied and applied the code from Google Analytics. but still it is not visible on google search.

Were is the problem actually, is it with the domain name OR with Google Analytics.

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Re: Orignal domain name is not change

Post by MrMario on August 27th 2010, 3:43 pm

It won't change to your new domain name. It just letting you know your forumotion url.

Forum will not just show up on Google just like that. It takes time.

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