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Rules of this section Empty Rules of this section

Post by Wiegraf September 4th 2006, 1:55 am

Rules of this section:

Here are the rules of the "forum promotions" section. Thank you to read them very carefully.

You can suggest your forum introductin in this topic: "Introduce your forum" (Please, click on the "reply" button).

It's useless to post anywhere else, you are not allowed to do so.

In this topic "Introduce your forum", you are allowed to post only once to introduce your forum.

You must include these following points in your introduction:

1/ Choice of the category where your forum introduction will figured in. If you think that your forum doesn't fit in any headings, please mention it in your message (as well as in the heading you wish to appear). The moderators will judge if necessary, to add or not, a new heading.

2/ Choice of a title to introduce your forum (Example: FootBall Mania AND NOT My forum about Football!),

3/ Mention the address (http://..............) of your forum,

4/ Mention also the main language used on your forum (to help you to attract people who speak the same language). NOTICE :Only forums in English will be accepted.

5/ The content of your message aims to describe your forum, and its content, in a clear and precise way (Theme of the forum, its purpose, ...). If you put screenshots, please use thumbnails, to avoid to enlarge the forum frames (If needed ,you can do that in Image shack by using the link called "Thumbnail for forums (1) as an example we suggest you)"

If your presentation respects these 5 rules, a moderator will move your message in the chosen heading, in a reasonable delay (average of 48 hours) . If not, your message will just be delete and the introduction of your forum will not figure in the "forum promotion" section.

Don't forget that the introduction you'll post about your forum, will also be the showcase of the forum you're introducing. Make sure that it is precise and that it gives desire for others to visit your forum and, eventually to register.

Once your presentation is posted, you musn't post in the topic "Introduce your forum". If a major change occurs in your forum, you have the possibility to reply in your introduction topic to notify the modifications to everyone.

CAUTION Only extra messages containing the following subjects will be allowed (Only once per day) :

- moderator recruitment,
- creator recruitment,
- changes in the forum design,
- new rule added,
- new forum or new heading added.
- requests for partnership (only once and replies only by PM)


- to post more than once per day in your introduction topic,
- to post only to simply write "up" or to say that you have 3 new members (Any statistical information of your forum is forbidden) or to ask members to register on your forum, as well as to take a look, or ask their advice,
- to make some advertising, for a forum that has not been created on Forumotion,
- to post a topic for a forum, if you are not the admin.
- to reply in a topic which is not yours

The moderators will delete any message that will not meet these specifications. If these rules are not respected , you wont be able to post in this section anymore, and you wont able to talk about your forum as well. So, thanks to watch and apply these rules, very carefully.

If you have any comments to do at the admin of a forum, present in this directory, or if you want to reply to a request for moderator/graphist recruitment, then PM her or him.

REMINDER: Advertising by PM is forbidden!

Note : We recommend you use this kind of presentation instead of the normal one, a complete presentation is always better Wink

Forumotion Team.

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