READ!!! READ!!! site getting deleted in 7hrs help plz

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READ!!! READ!!! site getting deleted in 7hrs help plz

Post by clayton1244 on September 6th 2010, 1:12 am

Okay well my accoutn got hacked the founder and my other admin on there was readiing th moderator log and the hacker who has my account is deleting the site it says we have 7hrs how do we stop it!!!!! PLZ HELP!!

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Re: READ!!! READ!!! site getting deleted in 7hrs help plz

Post by MrMario on September 6th 2010, 1:39 am

Forums can be recovered if they are deleted. You will need to contact Typlo explaining the issue and give him the original email and address so that he can restore the forum. Also he won't be online right now as he is not working but will return Monday.

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Re: READ!!! READ!!! site getting deleted in 7hrs help plz

Post by kirk on September 6th 2010, 2:01 am

clayton can you please tell the founder to come here and explain.
is this in regards to the other thread from you i just commented on?

Plus if the founder and other admins are in the forums acp and reading the logs then the founder can fix your account back to normal by changing what ever has to be changed and fixed.

Like the user name if it is now different email address and pass.

You can ask the founder to just change your pass to something.. send it to you then you can logging and change your pass again to something you will only know. Like dont go using the same pass that you had befor when this person/hacker logged into your account?

Also you can tell her to temporarily take away all other admins permissions for now until he/she gets it worked out.

only the founder can delete the whole forum..

So once again things are not adding up on what you are saying.

if someone hacked your account then the fist thing that needs to be done is the founder needs to change your account pass.. then they need to take out all admins just to prevent anything else from being deleted or altered.

Once they have everthing under control and back to normal they can then add the admins including you back.

just be sure to never share any passwords with anyone


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