genius QB was fired.

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genius QB was fired.

Post by landy1987 on September 10th 2010, 3:09 pm

Arizona cardinals announced fired quarterback matt - lenat, the former "heisman prize winner with fails to start when the quarterback regret leaving phoenix, his departure just achievement final 53 people list.
Coach Ken - wiesenthal hunter said: "I feel would be very difficult for him to accept the new role, may substitute for him to start, we also." Cardinals days before he tried to trade, but no team willing to do the business, chose to terminate the contract, and in 2006, when he joined in the first 10 draft picks when cardinals, the manager Dennis green "paradise says he is the gift of being", it refers to the university of southern California led him into three roles feat. Rookie season in Leonard, ce send 11 times, the second season, he took wiesenthal hunt after starting five games because of clavicle fracture and rest, kete - warner opportunity, occupy the leading cardinals reached a new high, including back-to-back league final score, and the historic first broke into the super bowl final, the playoffs last season after extra-time win 51-45 BaoZhuangGong green bay, is the cardinals classic battle, unfortunately, old warner announced his retirement in earlier this year, the cardinals again for starting quarterback problem.
Desperate for two years of lenat thought, but it seems more like wiesenthal hunt from Cleveland referred to the drake - Anderson, pre-season have three games are Anderson, lenat feel hurt, this has always been reporter big half, says he has wiesenthal hunt for prejudice "outside" rugby, week's change the appointment a two-dimensional hunt, then he made off his decision, but to hunt or wiesenthal lenat vocational spirit made a positive evaluation, he said: "I must make it clear, in the whole event lenat reflected in the professional level, he and I talk to impress me, he thanked the team, the boss gave his all here to help, he felt himself has become stronger, and listen to me say these have important significance to him." Only in pre-season appearances for lenat twice, wiesenthal hunter made explained, he said: "it is not the people often said two games, this is the problem of long we work, like I always say, matt had great progress, than I have just arrived here four years ago when a lot, so we not by cold-shouldering him, but we must find the most suitable for the team."
Lenat left, cardinals starting quarterback can fall, the former Anderson, university of Oregon's quarterback 6-5 inches (2.36 metres), what is the date, unless he has a difference in 2007, with brown run 10-6 record after all-star status deteriorated, and later last due to poor performance will start from the middle to the brady - quinn, the end of the season and a few months later fired with free joining cardinals. The hunter evaluation wiesenthal ", "said:" he after a period of training, and have good running-in lineup, I'm glad to see the current situation, he will use performance to prove we think of him.



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