.sF Site Banned?

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.sF Site Banned?

Post by SuP3r No0b on September 14th 2010, 8:56 pm

So, just a few minutes ago I notice my site (silent-force.coolbb.net) was banned. Now, I see no reason why it was banned. I used the name for my clans in various games, including the game I created the site to host, and I kept everything in my forum as legit and clean as I could. There was literally nothing wrong, nothing inflammatory, no signs of hacking. All we did was simply help people with whatever questions they had, and pointed them in the right direction. We were given permission to use everything we had on the site, and just randomly onlineguardian.net just decides to take it down. I currently wonder if this was a mistake made by the system, or if something really was wrong. I know this seems a bit out of the ordinary, but it kinda bothers me to see a perfectly legit site go down, when there are thousands of other sites much, much worse. I sent an email, hoping to get some sort of reply. I just hope for the best, I really did work hard on that site. D:

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Re: .sF Site Banned?

Post by Maki1 on September 14th 2010, 9:05 pm


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