my forum is being redirected to another address

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my forum is being redirected to another address Empty my forum is being redirected to another address

Post by Hunnyluvs on September 21st 2010, 2:11 pm

I sent the following message to an admin, but am told admins will ignore a pm, so I'm supposed to post our problem here. Ok, got any ideas?


I'm writing in regards to the forum called Bimboland which is supposed to be located at (if you click that you will see a site which is not ours, occupying our address).

Today a problem suddenly developed where when any of our members goes to our site, they get redirected to a French site using the same name as ours. This other forum apparently has existed since November, 2009, and we have never had a problem from it, but suddenly today it is now located at our address, and so our forum is located nowhere. We can't find our forum.

Please advise.

Send response to

*So that you'll know which forum is ours:
Our forum's start date is October 29, 2009.
The founder is Mathias Meiran. His address is

I said that our Bimboland has vanished,
and a French site with the same name is using our address currently.

Well, that may not be an accurate description of the situation, it turns out.
I noticed this...

this is french bimboland's address:

and this is ours:

The difference is ours doesn't have an 's' after 'forum', and after 'actif', but the french site does.

When I tried manually pasting our address into the address bar and hit go, it adds the s's and goes to the french site.

->Are we being redirected?


(And how can I contact an admin without getting runaround that they don't care to talk to me??
...because look how this has 200 views and no answers. It needed to go to an admin right from the start, but I'm having to play forum games instead of just simply being able to contact Forumotion about a problem.
Our forum is down, what do I do to get someone in a position to help to do so?

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