Multiple CSS codes needed. bg linup/ centering the whole forum etc

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Multiple CSS codes needed. bg linup/ centering the whole forum etc

Post by Reverse Simplicity on October 3rd 2010, 3:09 am

There is 5 things I hope are able to be fixed via CSS none very urgent, however I would be ecstatic if they could be resolved. My website

I looked but was unsuccessful in finding why this was happening. the background seeps through for approx 5 pixels all the way across.

Annoyingly no matter what I change the border (and content) refuse to be centered on the page. When I do manage it the border is clipped. is there maybe a graphic that I cant see that needs to be removed, or is it my fault with CSS editing?

Topics don't line up in their columns they are all pushed to the left, also the same with the image.

#main-content p:nth-of-type(2) {
padding-left: 100px !important;
after inserting the above code, it did exactly what I wanted (To allow me to slide the current date/time horizontally) but I just noticed that it also affected the content in 'the permissions of this forum'

Small thing, home sits over to the side at the bottom of every page.

  1. Looking for a code that will remove the gap in the border images. if not possible, then it just goes unsolved.
  2. Looking for a way to center the whole forum, its over to the side by about 60 pixels. There may be a graphic that I need to edit out, or it may be a CSS code.
  3. Looking for a CSS code to push the text and image to the right. Or this may be fixed when I center the rest of the forum.
  4. Looking for an even trickier code to center the time date. Or a code to push the other text back. If neither are possible. A code to delete the time/date its given me too much trouble!
  5. Looking for a code to either push it further to the right or, if the first isn't possible, a code to remove it entirely. This also may be fixed when the forum is centered.

Now this is a very large request, there will be no bumping from me as I consider it rude. I will also try and help other people while I wait, that way I have traded some of my time for some of yours (Not that they are likely to be worth the same)

EDIT 1: If you can please post them as you complete them. I wouldn't you to waste your time on 3. and 5. if 2. fixes the issues.
Edit 2: Problem 1 solved. Changed
#main {
margin-top: -16px;
#main {
margin-top: -21px;
EDIT 3: Embarrassing much... Problem 2 solved. Nothing to do with CSS had to update Admin Panel>>General>>Forum>>Configuration -> page structure -> Forum width. This error occurred because I increased the size of the images.
Thanks for the great work that you do on a daily basis,

Huge thanks in advance,
Reverse Simplicity

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