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Post by Nukkavieru on Sun Oct 03 2010, 14:48


I have two one questions..

First of all, is it possible to.. wait a minute i figured out while typing to do the first one.. (Now i feel stupid)

Okay so my second only question is, how do I add html, or which template do I put in code, that it's on every page of my forum?

Because I want to make a custom navigation bar (I have that done already) and I want to take off the current navigation bar (which was going to be my 1st question and figured out).
My forum version is

Thanks, hopefully you understood my point..
(In a nutshell: what template do I add html so the code is on all pages of my forums)

Edit: Found what I was looking with a few hours of searching and looking the templates and this can be locked (Suggestion: add some more info on the template's, they confuse a lot)

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Re: Navigation replace

Post by ankillien on Mon Oct 04 2010, 09:26


To apply code to all your forum pages, you can add the codes to overall_header_new template or overall_footer templates Very Happy

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