Three Questions! Please Help!

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Three Questions! Please Help!

Post by taylorrtaylorr on October 8th 2010, 2:23 am

1) I want the navigation icons (like profile, home, claendar, etc) to have the word next tot hem as a link (hopefly you know what I mean). How do you do that?

2) When you post something, in the block next to it, it only says who posted it and when. How do you make it so it says what they posted in as well?

3) My last and MOST IMPORTANT question: how do you make it so you have to register before being able to look at the forum?

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Re: Three Questions! Please Help!

Post by Darren1 on October 8th 2010, 2:56 am


Issue 1 - Admin panel >> Display > Headers & Navigation > Display only images in the navbar : = NO.
Then Pics management > Advanced mode > General explore.
In the following boxes, where is has a link to an image, replace with
Index, Calendar, gallery, Portal, FAQ, member list, User groups.

Issue 2 - I don't quite understand.

Issue 3 - Admin panel >> General > Categories & Forums > Hit the X/Tick Disallow guests to everything > Save.
Repeat for each desired forum.

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