aaaaaaa Help! Photobucked attacked! ;s

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aaaaaaa Help! Photobucked attacked! ;s

Post by Feli on October 9th 2010, 5:29 pm

Ye, images of style in invision die.. ;x


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Re: aaaaaaa Help! Photobucked attacked! ;s

Post by Agent24 on October 9th 2010, 5:30 pm

You would have to upload the image to another host such as servimg or tinypic

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Re: aaaaaaa Help! Photobucked attacked! ;s

Post by Z-man on October 10th 2010, 2:03 am

this has happened to my forum before, and.... it happened again. its pretty irritating its an invision forum with the borin oran designed by jalo kim graphics.
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Re: aaaaaaa Help! Photobucked attacked! ;s

Post by MrMario on October 10th 2010, 2:10 am

If this shows up we can't help you since its not us. The person who made the theme removed the images and or stop paying for bandwidth which Jalokim did so. Just need to pick another theme sorry.

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Re: aaaaaaa Help! Photobucked attacked! ;s

Post by Darren1 on October 10th 2010, 5:07 am

Mario, it IS one of Jalo's IPB themes Wink

Please read this, it's instructions on HOW TO RECOVER YOUR SKIN

@Yoshimo wrote:This is what I did and it worked
1. Open your CSS Sheet
2. Find all the PhotoBucket links (Make sure they are the direct links, starting with "http://" and ending with ".png or .gif")
3. Create or use a VERY EMPTY/Lightly used PhotoBucket account
4. Upload all the PhotoBucket links in the CSS Sheet to your PB acount
5. Replace all the PhotoBucket links with your own links from your profile
6. Save the CSS sheet.
7. Copy the url image http:// to browser
Save Image As then Upload to photo bucket

The problem with the thing, (I guess) is that once you go over too much space in your PhotoBucket account, all your images are still there, but they get replaced by the bandwidth thing. Because all of Jalokim's images are still there, but PhotoBucket's just changed what they look like because of his bandwidth problem.

Try that and it should work.

Jalokim, the theme maker wrote:This is a message to all forumotion users that have installed any Jalokim themes from hitskin that use the photobucket server.

As of the 8th of August , I will be closing the premium status of the account.
I will no longer be paying for the bandwidth of the images.

I recommend rehosting all the images in your CSS file. Instructions as to how to do this is found in the post above. Please rehost all the images or they will be lost after the 8th of August.

I thank all for using my themes, but seeing as I'm not directly a part of forumotion, nor do I create themes for hitskin anymore, there is no need to pay the bandwidth each month.

regards Jalokim

P.S. I love your HTML page background!

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