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Kuru's Anime Userboard

Post by Tsukikun on October 4th 2010, 2:50 am

Choice of the category : Miscellaneous

Choice of a title : Kuru's Anime Userboard

Forum address : http://kuru.userboard.net

Main language : English

Forum description : Kuru:Userboard is a place for anime, vocaloidfans, jmusic, soundtracks, and games. Here users can share anime sound tracks with eachother
and discuss their favorite anime and vocaloids. Share their creativity with RMVX and
talk about the osu! rhythm game!

Comments: At first I made this site private to myself, then I decided to share it with the public. I'm also looking for friends to trade links with, can be anykind of site, but mostly prefer anime, music related sites.
It's new so I'm still doing some organizing, uploading, and designing so I'll get some content up later on to enjoy!
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